Private Music Lesson Policies
For Haskell Studio

Updated March 15, 2018 
Lesson Rate:
  • Standard Tuition: $75 per hour, four lessons per month during the school year.** 
  • School year is defined as September-June: during the school year, students will receive a minimum of four lessons per month, with tuition passes on holidays and for two one-week family vacations (with 8 weeks notice) per school year.  For other absences, see below under ‘Holidays, School Vacations, etc.’. 
  • Summer Lessons (June, July and August): tuition is paid by the week. 
  • Beginner Lessons: for students in 4th and 5th grade, I offer 30 minute lessons for $45. 
** ‘Fast Track To College’ lessons: on occasion students will come to me as juniors/seniors in high school, needing to prepare repertoire for auditions in a short amount of time. For these students, $120 tuition for 90 minute lessons is highly recommended. 

Tuition Payment Policies:
  • Monthly tuition payment is due on the first lesson day of each month. (cash or check.)
  • Delinquent tuition payments result in a $20 fee and no further lessons until payment for the month is received. 
  • $25 service charge will be added to returned checks. No further lessons will take place until payments are rendered.
  • If paying by the week, four weeks tuition per month is still expected (weekly rate X 4), but is paid by the week at the beginning of each lesson. If student misses a lesson because of an unexcused absence, payment is still expected for that lesson.