--Student Testimonial--

I studied under Diana Haskell for two years and grew immensely as a player and a person. When I began playing the clarinet I could not even play a C Major scale but by the end of my tutelage I performed the Mozart Clarinet Concerto, among other significant pieces. I felt completely at ease while being constantly challenged studying under Diana Haskell. I learned to appreciate music and learning in a way that has changed my life forever.  (E.K., former high school student)

--For Advanced Students--

Conservatory, University, and Post-Graduate Work: Ms. Haskell enjoys working with college undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students. Important areas of concentration will be the highest possible artistic standards as a musician and clarinetist, along with working through necessary audition materials and mental preparation.

High School and High School Advanced:  These students are preparing for high school band, youth orchestra, undergraduate college auditions or simply wish to become a more accomplished player. Students will work on more difficult repertoire along with weekly scales and etudes. Listening to recordings, recording oneself, and score study is encouraged. Reed work is often addressed. Students at this level will practice for 1-3 hours a day. Physical playing difficulties (body tension, finger weaknesses, etc.) are addressed as needed.

                                      -- For Beginning/Intermediate Students--

Grade and Middle School (4th-8th grade): Why study music privately at a young age?  The reason is simple....because we enjoy something more when we learn to excel at it! Besides, playing in band or orchestra can mean making friends for life. And parents, lessons can give students courage, confidence, concentration and something to call their very own...the ability to play an instrument with excellence. Ms. Haskell enjoys teaching young students, giving them the right tools to become accomplished clarinetists, all the while having fun! By beginning lessons at a younger age, students will develop good habits from the start...and who knows how far they will go?

For all levels, instruction is given according to a person's ability, personality and style of learning.

                                      Contact Diana Haskell at singlewinder@yahoo.com.