Recording of 5 + 1 by Frigyes Hidas for Woodwind Quintet and Bass Trombone. Playing: Gerry Pagano, Bass Trombone; Diana Haskell, clarinet; and other members of the St. Louis Symphony.

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Gerry Pagano (888295165785)

CLARINET ENCHANTMENTS                          clarinetenchant-thumbnail

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FEATURING  Diana Haskell Clarinet; George Silfies Piano & Clarinet; Frances Tietov Harp; Peter Henderson Piano

Yadzinsky Bartok Dances; Lutoslowski Dance Preludes; Vaughan-Williams Six Studies In English Folk Song (with harp);Babin Hillandale Waltzes; Berg Viër Stücke, Op. 5; Messiaen Abyss of the Birds and more!

Produced by: Thomas Drake; Recording Engineer:Paul Hennerich; Matt Sims: Assistant Recording Engineer; Cover Painting: Stefan Geissbuhler; www.artthatsings.com   Released August 2006 / AAM 050104



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Eb Clarinet with William Helmers, clarinetist/bass clarinetist with Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, on Ragamuffins by James Grant.

Equilibrium Records. Released March 2003 ASIN: B000QQS4TC