• CLARINET EQUIPMENT: Buffet Clarinets : As a Buffet Artist I have performed on Buffet clarinets since eighth grade. This website will guide you to every Buffet model. I assist in choosing clarinets as part of working with students.
  • CLARINET EQUIPMENT: Vandoren : This is a great place to discover new ligatures, reeds, mouthpieces and all sorts of wonderful items. Currently I perform on an M13 Lyre mouthpiece with a leather ligature and Vandoren Blue Box reeds,strength 3.5.
  • CLARINET ORGANIZATIONS: International Clarinet Association : Important clarinet community. Many insightful articles, competition information, Clarinetfests, and much more for budding and established clarinetists. Quarterly magazine included with subscription. All of my students now must become members at the ICA student's totally worth it!
  • CLARINET WEBSITES: Clarinet Cache : A great site with a wide range of links, topics, and articles all devoted to the clarinet.
  • CLARINET WEBSITES: Clarinet Pages : An extensive web site with classifieds, international clarinet societies, extensive resources list, music libraries, research, college's a pretty exhaustive site.
  • RECORDINGS: AAM Recordings : Link to "Clarinet Enchantments" on
  • RECORDINGS: Amazon : Link to "Clarinet Enchantments" on
  • RECORDINGS: iTunes : Link to "Clarinet Enchantments" on iTunes
  • SHEET MUSIC: International Music Score Library Project : IMSLP: A great place to find clarinet music that is past copyright. It is required to purchase music for performance, but there is much good music here to use as backup or as a resource. Also houses some clarinet orchestral excerpts.
  • SHEET MUSIC: Luyben Music : Great catalog of music for clarinet in any combination of instruments. Wonderful business. Ships quickly!
  • SYMPHONY WEBSITES: St. Louis Symphony : Upcoming concerts, various videos, audio snippets, etc. There is also an App and Facebook page for us. Check it out!